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Frank DiMarco & Dan Christy for Gloucester County Freeholder

Freeholder Frank J. DiMarco

• Helped make Gloucester County the statewide leader in sharing services to increase efficiency and save $30 million in taxpayer dollars

• Helped create the groundbreaking partnership between Rowan University and the former Gloucester County College to provide residents with greater access to a high-quality education at a reduced cost

• Voted to establish the Gloucester County Veterans Memorial Cemetery and expand county services for military veterans

• Honored by South Jersey Land & Water Trust for protecting and preserving more than 20,000 acres of farmland and open space across Gloucester County


Freeholder Dan Christy

• Represents over 40,000 working men and women as Senior Council Representative for the Keystone Mountain Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters

• Works diligently as Veterans Affairs Liaison to ensure military veterans get the services and support they deserve

• Oversees Emergency Management, Emergency Response, Emergency Medical Services, and the Fire Marshall to best protect the safety of Gloucester County residents

• Established shared service agreements for more efficient correctional services that will save Gloucester County more than $250 million over 25 years



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